Heated Wiper Blades

Why use heated wiper blades?  Have you driven in Canadian winters!!

THERMALBLADE products deliver an upgrade in performance to help you see better in all weather.

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The THERMALBLADE Heated Silicone Safety Wiper reapplies the silicone coating every time the wipers are used and with our patented heating technology activates during winter weather and the element heats to melt any falling snow or ice , eliminating icy build up.

“Clearly” out performing the industry standard rubber blade.

THERMALBLADE 2Gen is an all season silicone safety wiper.

This blade provides:

  • Replaceable and removable silicone squeegee,
  • Low profile beam frame with Aerodynamic Spoiler Reduces Lift,
  • Heating element that resides inside the squeegee,
  • Thermostat control that heats when freezing conditions exist,
  • Activated Silicone-Coating Action,
  • Revolutionary Beading Action,
  • Highest Quality Silicone Rubber Compound,
  • All Season Performance  

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