2016-2018 Chevrolet Camaro LED DRL Board Kit

OEM Style, Multicolor Function.

The Chevrolet Camaro has white LED DRLs in the headlamps and lower DRL housing, which provide a modern and distinct look on the road. By replacing the circuit boards inside with LED circuit boards, you can add full multicolor functionality, to seriously make your ride stand out! Your order includes two sets of LED boards, one for each side of the vehicle.


This product is not just RGB, it is RGBW! That means there is an extra LED chip that is specifically white in color, right next to the standard red, green, and blue LEDs. By using an RGBW controller, you can activate and control the white chip independently of the colors. This provides a much more uniform, pure, and bright white color than the traditional method of combining all RGB signals so you can keep a clean, factory white appearance for everyday driving.

One RGBW Bluetooth Controller will control both the upper and lower DRL boards simultaneously. If you would like to control the upper and lower boards separately, you will need two separate controllers. If you will be installing demon eyes along with the LED boards and would like to control them with the same RGBW controller, you will need to purchase a 4-way RGBW splitter wire.

Additional Turn Signal.

To take it a step further, you can select the RGBWA boards, which add yet another set of LEDs, high-power amber emitters. Any time your turn signal is activated, they will flash amber along with the factory turn signal.


These LED boards are a direct replacement for the factory ones, but have double the number of LEDs. They illuminate white for your parking lights and DRLs, with a dimmed power level at night. Anytime you hit your turn signal, they light up in a brilliant amber that is even brighter to indicate signaling. While the amber is extremely bright, we do not recommend disabling your factory turn signal. 

DRL Override.

Unlike other LED boards on the market, the RGBWA LED boards have an optional DRL override feature. This feature allows you to automatically switch the LEDs to a high-brightness White color when power is applied to the red input signal, "overriding" the controller color selected. This means you can leave the LEDs set to an accent color of your choice, then automatically switch to White while driving.

OEM-Grade Design.

Just remove the original boards, and ours will fit directly in place with correct alignment. You'll also see OEM design features, such as high-intensity automotive emitters, wire connectors, and serial numbers for quality assurance.

Works correctly, with no surprises.

The goal is to make them work just like the factory system - except for that fact that you can change the color anytime you'd like! That means connecting to the factory DRL and running light signals for proper operation. This isn't as easy as it sounds - on the Chevrolet Camaro, all functions are powered through the vehicle's computer, rather than traditional relays. If the vehicle doesn't see the power draw it expects, it disables the signal. Many of our competitors skip the factory signals, instructing customers to connect power to the battery, and manually turn the LEDs off and on every time they're used. Not ideal!

Optically correct.

Unlike strips or halos, replacement boards work in conjunction with factory optics in your headlight. Since the factory setup uses only one white chip, it can be difficult to align the light properly from all four replacement emitters (Red, Green, Blue, and White). To save cost, other brands often use low-cost generic chips, which cannot focus light properly. This creates odd appearances, as some sections are brighter than others, and mixed colors like yellow and purple don't match. These kits use high-intensity automotive emitters to direct light properly to the factory optic, and all designs are tested a number of times with small adjustments to make sure the setup is optimized. Even a 0.1mm change can make a big difference, and our products are carefully tuned for maximum performance.

Reliable operation.

To drive the high-power LEDs safely, a constant-current, waterproof, inductive driver is included for each set. These drivers were designed to last the life of your vehicle, and have been subjected to advanced transient voltage testing. These tests replicate the electrical wear and tear experienced in automotive environments every time your alternator starts and stops, which is what kills less robust electronics over time. The entire kit is also tested for long-term operation from -40 to 185 degrees F, vibration, and corrosion. All of these tests are completed to SAE/DOT standards, just like the factory components.


         This kit includes


        Tech specs


        • Two (2) sets of LED boards, left and right
        • Two (2) waterproof drivers
        • Two (2) input wire pigtails with T-taps
        • Eight (8) clear spacers
        • Installation guide

        RGBW Upper or Lower DRLs:

        • Two (2) sets LED boards, left and right
        • Two (2) waterproof drivers
        • One (1) RGBW Extension wire
        • Eight (8) Nylon Washers
        • One (1) SolidState Relay Harness
        • One (1) Battery Input Wire
        • Four (4) T-taps

        RGBWA Upper or Lower DRLs:

        • Two (2) sets LED boards, left and right
        • Two (2) waterproof drivers
        • One (1) RGBW Extension wire
        • Two (2) JST Pigtails
        • Eight (8) Nylon Washers
        • One (1) Add a Fuse Harness
        • One (1) DRL Power Wire
        • One (1) SolidState Relay Harness
        • One (1) Battery Input Wire
        • Ten (10) T-taps
        • Computer-designed LED boards for 2016-2018 Chevy Camaro headlights.
        • Adds brighter running light, and amber turn signal
        • Two high-power LEDs in place of each original white chip.
        • A huge increase in brightness, even in direct sunlight.
        • Engineered and assembled in USA.
        • Measured Lumens: 350 (white)
        • Power (watts): 8.3
        • Operating Voltage: 9-16V
        • Current (amps @ 13.2V): 0.65
        • Polarity: Polarity Specific
        • Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)
        • LED Emitter: High-Power Epistar
        • Connector(s): JST 5-pin Input (+GRBW), T-Tap Inputs
        • Driver Features: External, Waterproof, Constant Current
        • Driver Dimensions: 2.5" x 1.38" x 0.88"
        • Materials: FR4 PCB
        • Cooling: Passive, no heatsink

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