The 14-Piece Arsenal Builder Car Wash Kit with TORQ Foam Blaster & Bucket is the perfect combination of products to give any first-timer, hardcore enthusiast, or professional detailer the perfect car wash every time.

  • Clean, shine, and protect
  • Restore faded trims both interior and exterior
  • Break down stuck-on dirt, grease, and grime
  • Keep plastic looking modern and new
  • Effortlessly add gobs of deep gloss

Build Your Arsenal

Are you still washing your car with one bucket, dish soap, and old beach towels? It’s no wonder your car looks like it was painted with a broom! Improper washing and drying is the leading cause of swirl marks and scratches, and lack of waxing promotes corrosion and clear coat failure. Build your arsenal with the 14-Piece Arsenal Builder Kit and find out the professional detailer’s secret to the perfect scratch-free shine at every car wash.

Revolutionize The Way You Wash

This professional-level car wash kit has everything you need to give your car a premium, scratch-free, high-gloss shine from start to finish. The Foam Blaster 6 Wash Gun blasts a thick layer of our Honeydew Snow Foam suds over your car which loosens dirt and grime for a clean wash finish. While using the super soft microfiber wash mitt to scrub dirt free, the innovative Cyclone Dirt Trap keeps dirt particles off your wash mitt and at the bottom of your wash bucket. Wax it and protect it with the amazing Butter Wet Wax to give your car's paint the deep, wet shine and protection from the elements it deserves.

Finish Strong With Premium Products

Hit your wheels with the Ready to Use Diablo Wheel Cleaner using the included wheel brush to tackle even the toughest built on brake dust and grime. Our Signature Series Glass Cleaner will give all your glass and windows a streak free, crystal clear clean. Finish off your look using the water-based Silk Shine Dressing on your tires and trim, which leaves a high-shine without any messy residue...Works great on tires, vinyl trim, rubber and plastic. Pack it all up in the Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket when you're done for easy storage!

This kit includes:

  • - Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket
  • - TORQ Foam Blaster 6
  • Cyclone Dirt Trap
  • Honeydew Snow Foam Extreme Suds Cleansing Wash Shampoo
  • Butter Wet Wax Warm & Deep Carnauba Shine
  • Diablo Gel Oxygen Infused Foam Wheel and Rim Cleaner
  • Silk Shine Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic Satin Protectant Dressing
  • Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt
  • Signature Series Glass Cleaner Ammonia Free Spray
  • Workhorse Professional Grade Microfiber Towel - 3 Pack
  • Easy Grip Soft Hex-Logic Applicator Pad, White
  • Wheel and Rim Flagged Tip Brush

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