Profile Performance.

The automotive aftermarket's best name in LED Lighting; and there's no such more powerful and controlled way to light the road than with a set of high performance fog light projectors. While Bi-xenon projectors have been the industry standard for over a decade, new options from both Morimoto and Profile are here to stay. Up until recently we thought LED was best suited for the accessories around your fog lights, not the fog lights themselves.

Well Done.

The new Profile Bi-Lens 2.0 projector is plenty bright, and we're not talking big blob of uncontrolled light-bar bright. We're talking well-controlled, non-glaring light output for use on the road. These bi-LED projectors' advanced optics, curved cutoff shield, and an all-new linear HML3 chipset come together to create a properly distributed and wide beam pattern with a proper ECE style step in the middle. With a factory-installed clear lens, the cutoff like is nice and sharp/colorful.

Easy Install.

Despite the fact that there's a bit of extra heft on the back of the bi-LED projector, their overall size is pretty similar to something like Morimoto's Mini D2S. Respectably compact enough to fit in most fog lights, the Bi-Lens features a removable threaded-shaft style mount on the back that allows the projectors to be locked on with their included hardware, and minimal modifications to your fog light. If you've been considering a Mini H1 retrofit for the ease of install, these aftermarket LED fog lights are a comparable option to think about.


Separate bulbs to buy? Nope. Big ballasts to mount? Nada. Relay harness to run? Not a worry. The Profile Bi-Lens setup is nothing more than the projector itself and the small external LED driver to regulate power. If you don't have the space or simply the patience to deal with all the necessary gear that powers HID-based systems, that's reason enough to look further into going all LED headlights.


 This kit includes

Tech specs

  • PROJECTORS: 2x Profile Bi-Lens Bi-LED 2.0

  • LED DRIVERS: 2x External Regulators

  • HEIGHT: 77mm

  • WIDTH: 115mm

  • DEPTH: 165mm (includes shaft / wire exit)

  • LENS DIAMETER: 3.0in (Round Lens Model)

  • MOUNTING SHAFT: Diameter = 19mm

  • LOCK NUT: Size = 30mm

  • HOUSING DEPTH: 132mm Minimum

  • STANDARD LENS: 100% clarity performance-optic

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