Projector is sold with an Apollo 2.0 Flat shroud; please contact us if you wish to change the shroud.


Let's keep it simple and make a list of everything new about the Mini H1 8.0. The new blue AR clear lens. The ECE sloped beam pattern. The MotoHo1der precision bulb holders are now standard equipment, and the blue anodized lock ring is stronger and more strip-free than ever. The distribution of light as good as ever. Your ability to see is maximized.

Quad Perfection.

If you've been dying to do a quad projector retrofit but don't have the space inside your lights for something bigger, there's never been a better time. Now that the compact Mini H1 projector uses a slope style cutoff to match it's bigger brothers like the D2S 5.0 or MLED 2.0, you can do a quad retrofit with perfectly matching beam patterns all the way across.

Easy Install.

The Mini H1 8.0's amazing ease of installation relative to the amount of performance they produce makes them our most popular Morimoto bi-xenon projectors. Simply remove fog light lens, insert the threaded mounting shaft through the pre-existing hole in the back of the reflector, hand-tighten, check rotation, tighten, and re-seal fog lights. Minimal cutting involved. (if any!) Check out the Installation Procedure for the Mini H1 8.0 linked above.

Stand Out Performance.

With the most modern optics, the new AR clear lens, and their curved cutoff shield; The Mini H1 8.0 will outshine almost every OEM HID projector on the market and go head to head with the legendary S2000 projectors! (which cost 3x as much, are much harder to retrofit, and don't even have a high beam). Their wide, uniformly lit beam stays intense all the way to the outer limits. The Morimoto bi-xenon projectors' provide an insane amount of additional light on demand.


Are the high-precision H1 bulb holders that Morimoto released in 2018, and they now come standard. It utilizes a three-piece design that's way more effective but virtually no bigger overall than the old paperclip setup. The clever three-piece design provides even pressure on the back of the bulb, ensuring perfect alignment.

Anti-Reflective Coating Lens.

The blue tint to the lens is more than marketing fluff too. That's an AR coating, and it serves a real purpose. AR coatings increase the transmission of light through the glass all while decreasing bleed. The result? 10% more light and less glare compared to a traditional clear lens.


 This kit includes

Tech specs

  • PROJECTORS: 2x Morimoto Mini H1 8.0 Bi-Xenon

  • HARDWARE PACKS: 2x Lock Rings, Adapter Plates, etc.

  • SOLENOID INPUTS: 2x 9006 Male Sockets

  • SHROUDS: 2x Apollo 2.0 Flat

  • PRECISION BULB HOLDERS: Morimoto MotoHo1ders

  • DEPTH: 139mm (includes bulb holder)

  • WIDTH: 88mm

  • HEIGHT: 73mm

  • LENS DIAMETER: 2.5in

  • MOUNTING SHAFT: 20mm Diameter

  • HOUSING DEPTH: 115mm Minimum

  • STANDARD LENS: AR-Coated 'Kuria Optic' glass

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