The Dual Purpose Toothbrush Style Detailing Brush is the most versatile two-sided brush for cleaning the toughest, smallest areas safely.  

  • Gently scrub interior and exterior surfaces
  • Reach into places your big mitts won't fit
  • Get the thoroughest detail possible
  • Keep in the car for detailing on the go
  • Take care of all the little details

It's All About The Details

From the tightest and smallest of areas to the hardest to reach crevices, the Dual Purpose Brush removes dust, dirt, crumbs, and gunk. Soft customer designed gentle bristles reach between small areas to lift and remove particles safely and easily. This brush can even remove wax and polish residue - especially around emblems, molding, trim, and door handles for the most thorough detail possible. 

Heavy Duty Construction

The Dual Purpose Brush utilizes clear polypropylene bristles that are heat-set into a heavy duty handle for professional long lasting durability. The uniquely designed polypropylene handle will not crack or absorb water and is treated to deflect odor and mildew. Hundreds of bristles provide just the right amount of heavy duty scrubbing that is still gentle enough for both interior and exterior. 

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