The Chenille Car Wash Mop is a fluffy microfiber wash mitt on a telescoping pole that allows detailers of any size to wash any large car, truck, SUV, or RV without ladders or stools.

  • Clean all vehicles in minutes
  • Help prevent swirls and scratches
  • Trap abrasive dirt before it can scratch
  • Reach high places without putting yourself at risk
  • Say goodbye to missed dirt forever

The Easiest Way To Wash Large Vehicles

Washing the car is hard for people who drive lifted trucks, RVs, trailers, and for really short people in general. Forget the stepladder for a normal car wash- reaching high up on sidewalls, onto roofs, and across long hoods and windshields is easy with the extendable Car Wash Mop! A simple hinge design gives the user total control when pushing and pulling the mop across any large vehicle surface.

Reach Up High and Down Low

The soft 18” x 6” chenille wash mop is woven with plush 70/30 blended microfiber noodles that soak up tons of soapy water and suds for a slick wash that won’t scratch paint. Extend the telescoping wash pole to over 5’ in length to easily scrub dirt from high up walls on campers and RVs, or for far-away hoods, roofs, truck beds, or even down low rocker panels, wheels, or undercarriage parts.

Easy to Replace Maintenance Parts

Undo the hook and loop fasteners, and throw the microfiber wash mop into the washing machine to clean and refresh the microfiber to maintain a scratch-free shine, or detach and replace the head or mop with OEM replacements. The soft microfiber mop replacement is available by itself, or attached to the plastic head for easy maintenance.

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