The Clay Eraser 6" Disc is the next-generation synthetic auto clay bar system that uses the power of your dual action polisher to quickly and easily remove rough contamination from the surface of any vehicle. 

  • Turn your dual action polisher into a claying machine
  • Cover large surface areas quickly
  • Turn rough paint into silky smooth glass
  • Clay your truck, van, or SUV in a jiffy
  • Clay without worrying about dropping bar 

Hex-Logic Geo Impressions 

Utilizing Hex-Logic Geo Impressions, the Clay Disc delivers superior efficiency and speed combined with an innovative design. Hex-Logic Geo-Impressions enables the user to cover larger surface areas faster, easier, safer and more efficiently than ever. 

Easy To Use With Your Dual Action Polisher

Using Clay Eraser is easy. Simply apply a generous amount of Clay Luber to the surface, attach the Clay Eraser Disc to your favorite dual action polisher, turn the machine to a low speed, and gently glide the Clay Eraser Disc over painted surfaces, glass, wheels and headlights. 

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