E-Zyme is a premium all-natural brazilian carnauba, blended with the finest tropical oils and extracts to provide durable protection and an unmatched warm glow, gloss, and shine. 

  • Take home the gold at car shows 
  • Protect vehicles that get driven hard
  • Naturally protect all your rides
  • Add tough, beautiful protection that lasts for months
  • Deepen the reflection and warm glow of any color

Rare Ingredients For Exclusive Formula

E-ZYME is a truly special treatment for any vehicle. The secret ingredients are seldom in bloom and E-ZYME can only be made in small batches once a year. Rare essential oils and extracts enhance vibrant shine and warm lustrous gloss that other low grade waxes and sealants simply cannot match.

Mother Nature's Toughest Wax

"Carnauba wax is produced by a palm that grows in Northern Brazil. This wax is like nature’s sunscreen, shielding and protecting the delicate leaves from brutal sunlight, high heat, insects, and other elements that would harm the plant. Carnauba wax cures harder than concrete and shields automotive paint from pollution, water spots, bugs, birds, tree sap, industrial fallout, brake dust, and more."

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