The FLEX L3403 is a lightweight rotary polisher designed for high performance and fast polishing work designed and built for OEM builders, body shop technicians, detailers, and hardcore enthusiasts.

  • Restore gloss and optical clarity to paint
  • Limit fatigue with ergonomic and lightweight package
  • Erase swirls and scratches in seconds
  • Reveal shiny, lustrous, untouched paint
  • Gain complete control over your polisher

Professional Rotary Polishing Results

The FLEX L3403 is compact, ergonomic, lightweight, and balanced to deliver fantastic polishing results with minimal effort. Older heavy machines put excess pressure on painted surfaces, generate excess heat, and cause unsightly holograms and marring. The FLEX L3403 weighs less than 5 lbs, and exerts the perfect amount of pressure to polish any automotive paint finish to perfection.

Variable Trigger for Any Polishing Job

The FLEX L3403 uses helical cut gears and smooth variable power controls for precise, smooth, and quiet action. L3403 is designed with advanced tachometer speed controls, soft startup spin, overload protection, temperature monitoring, and infinite speed selection gearing. The speed control knob features six distinct speed settings with infinite adjustment between each one for ultimate control.

Precise and Smooth German Design

Detailing and body shop professionals prefer the rotary polisher for its fast action and one step results. The FLEX L3403 uses advanced German micro-motor and gearing technology for professional polishing power in a compact and lightweight package. The L3403 fits in the hands and maneuvers around automotive curves and contours with a light touch for the quickest shine!

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