The FLEX XC 3401 combines the best of both worlds: the power and speedy correction of a rotary polisher with the ease of use and safety of a DA to remove deeper swirls and scratches like no other DA.

  • Get the most powerful paint correction
  • Polish without holograms, buffer trails or burn
  • Remove deeper swirls and scratches
  • Quickly dissipate head for safe paint removal
  • Geared design creates forced rotation for more powerful correction

Geared Design for More Powerful Correction

Unlike conventional dual action polishers, the 3401 uses a ratchet and gear tooth design, rather than a counterweight and eccentric offset, to create the two separate polishing motions. This geared mechanism creates a more powerful forced-rotation motion that cuts through harder paints, and corrects deeper scratches and defects that other dual action machines cannot.

Deeper and Faster Paint Correction

The 3401 combines the speed and correction power of a rotary polisher with the safety and ease of use of a dual action machine. Remove swirls and scratches from hard clear coat paint finishes found on high end German cars with the FLEX 3401. Detailing professionals and enthusiasts can easily repair and remove defects that would require great skill with a rotary polisher with the FLEX 3401.

Versatile Detailing Tool

Switch out the backing plates to easily accept 5.5’’ or 6.5’’ buffing pads, finishing wax and glaze pads, or carpet and upholstery brushes and accessories. The FLEX 3401 ships with a 6’’ backing plate for using large 6.5’’ buffing and polishing pads for fast correction on. Choose the FLEX XC 3401 VRG Orbital Polisher to quickly cut away defects to restore gloss, reflection, and shine in one step.

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