The Easy Pour Spout screws on to gallon jugs to easily and precisely distribute your favorite bulk liquids and cremes in seconds, saving product and keeping your space mess-free.  

  • Save product and money
  • Transfer product without spilling
  • Keep bottles and jugs clean and neat
  • Reduce spillage and product waste
  • Keep product where it belongs 

Don't Spill Another Drop

Want to buy your favorite products in gallon bulk quantities, but don’t want to spill and waste it all when you go to pour? Pick up the Gallon Size Easy Pour Spout, and never waste a drop of product again! The Easy Pour Spout tip fits the 38/400 bottle thread used on common 1 gallon and 1/2 gallon product jug. 

Keep Product Sealed And Fresh

Ever use a ketchup squeeze bottle at a restaurant? This cap works in the exact same way! The caps even feature a seal, so you can close up the lid and keep products fresh and the squeeze spout clean. Using a squeeze spout greatly helps reduce spillage as you transfer product from gallons into smaller bottles, or directly into wash buckets or onto applicator pads. 

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