The 6.5" Hex-Logic Best Of The Best Buffing Pads Everything Kit comes every Hex-Logic pad used for full polishing and waxing detail jobs. Try every fan-favorite cutting, polishing, and finishing pad to create the best result on any paint finish.

  • Reduce surface tension on pad
  • Extend the life of your pads
  • Remove light, medium to heavy scratches
  • Have a variety of cutting and refining capabilities

Hex-Logic Buffing Pads

The advanced design of Hex-Logic buffing and polishing pads picks up where traditional pads fell flat. Traditional foam polishing pads have a flat face and square profile, and this dated design does little to flex and conform to curves, contours, and other simple shapes found around every automobile. Hex-Logic grooves serve many purposes for the paint correction process. The V-cut grooves into the surface draw in fresh air as the pad spins, cooling the workpiece, pad, backing plate, and machine for extended worktime and reduced wear and tear.

Hex-Logic Backing Material

Hex-Logic buffing and polishing pads are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States. Every pad uses a hook-and-loop interface backing pad to attach to any machine polisher backing plate that uses the hook-and-loop material. This unique breathable backing material helps wick heat away through the attachment side and advanced vented backing plates.

Polishing Pad Cleaner

Polishing Pad Cleaner restores all types of machine polishing pads to brand-new cutting and polishing power. Without proper cleaning, buffing and polishing pads can cake up with dry polish and paint residue. Residue clogs polishing pads, which reduces their cutting ability and causes them to produce sub-par results. No matter the pad, chemical, or machine, use the Polishing Pad Cleaner to remove polish and paint residue and restore pads to a like-new condition.

    This kit includes:
    • Foam & Wool Polishing Pad Cleaner
    • Yellow Hex-Logic Quantum Heavy Cutting Pad
    • Orange Hex-Logic Quantum Medium-Heavy Cutting Pad
    • Green Hex-Logic Quantum Heavy Polishing Pad
    • White Hex-Logic Quantum Light-Medium Polishing Pad
    • Blue Hex-Logic Quantum Polishing/Finishing Pad
    • Black Hex-Logic Quantum Finishing Pad
    • Red Hex-Logic Quantum Ultra Light Finishing Pad

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