FOR IGNITERS: If your ballasts have orange brackets / tech info on the side, select the orange igniter option. If your ballasts have stainless steel brackets / tech info on the back, select the black igniter option. They are NOT cross-compatible.


If you're like many of us retrofitters: the setup is always changing and now your ballasts can keep up! Since the igniter cord can be unplugged from the ballast, you can easily change from AMP to D2S or vice versa.


No matter if you're looking to change over to D2S from AMP (or vice versa) or just want to keep a spare part "just in case", the ability to swap igniters on the fly is a sure convenience.


The connection between the Igniter and the ballast is sealed with a three-pin connector from TE Connectivity - which ensures the safety of this crucial connection.


Like all modern OEM D1 and D2 ballasts: Morimoto uses igniters that are external and replaceable, which offers many advantages. The lack of high voltage transmitted through wiring drastically reduces EMI/RFI (radio interference). Total system reliability is also improved by shielding the main circuit board from the static produced by these high voltage bursts on start up.

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