The Master Blaster is a professional grade automobile blow-dryer that utilizes two powerful electric motors to quickly dry any car without having to touch the surface for a 100% scratch free shine.

  • Totally rid your car of any standing water
  • Blow water, cleaner, or dressing from engines
  • Dry without adding scratches or swirls
  • Blow dust and dirt from interior crevices
  • Dry your car without every touching it
  • *Unit does not come with wall mount

Exceptional Power and Versatility

The Master Blaster boasts two powerful electric motors that each peak at 4.0 horsepower, turning the twin-fan industrial quality mechanism to produce even and sustained blowing power. Flip both switches to pump 58,000 feet of warm, filtered air to blow dry any car without touching it. The Master Blaster features durable quad wheels and a wall mount to roll around the car or shop or stay mounted.

Blast Those Hard to Reach Places

With the Master Blaster, every detailer can easily push standing water from hard to reach nooks and crannies! Avoid annoying drip marks and water spots that ruin a car detail after the first drive. Flick on both motors and blow dry the car without touching it with any towels, squeegees, or grinding any dirt or debris that can scratch the surface. The Master Blaster is great for interior as well! 

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