The Portable Vac ‘N, Blo combines high grade running parts with sturdy construction, clever accessories, and functional design sensibility to make a durable and portable vacuum cleaner and blower.

  • Instantly suck up dirt, dust, and filth
  • Push water out of all cracks and crevices
  • Save space with an all-in-one blower/vacuum
  • Clean out every nook and cranny
  • Clean car interiors in less time

The Perfect All-In-One Machine

The Portable Van N’ Blo features a powerful electric motor that peaks at 4.0 horsepower, turning the twin-fan industrial quality mechanism to produce even and sustained vacuum. The compact unit features a convenient carrying handle and 4 wheel dolly to follow the user around any vehicle. The unit ships with a 6 foot hose and full assortment of attachments to fit into any nook and cranny.

Endless Blowing Possibilities

The worst part of every detail is arriving at your destination with dry water spot trails dripping. With the Classic Vac ‘N, Blo, every detailer can easily push standing water from hard to reach nooks and crannies after every car wash. Simply blow any standing water out from all exterior cracks and crevices, then take the hose inside to blast dust and dirt from all interior hard to reach places!

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