The Molded Urethane Flexible Backing Plate is made with injection molded urethane, a strong fiberglass base, and an aluminum stabilization disc for rugged dependability on extended polishing jobs.

  • Cut through thick oxidation
  • Refine away light scratches
  • Spread wax and sealant without breaking a sweat
  • Scrub deep stains out of carpet
  • Securely grab ahold of DA hook & loop accessories

Secure Hold for Any Job

Back up your favorite buffing and polishing pads for any compounding, finishing, scrubbing, and spreading jobs. Cut through thick oxidation and deep defects with a cutting pad and heavy compounding polish. Refine away light scratches and restore glossy shine with a finishing polish and soft polishing pad. Slap on an extra soft finishing pad to spread wax and sealant without breaking a sweat.

3 Sizes to Cover Your Whole Car

This backing plate attaches to any dual action polisher that uses 5/16” spindle thread accessories and the hook and loop backing system. Choose the 3.5” Backing Plate for polishing and detailing in compact spots. Choose the 6” for any extra-large detailing job, or the 5” for the perfect balance of coverage and focused cutting power.

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