Note: This listing is for a single light, so please order 2 if you are looking for a set!

Just when you think

You've done your research and come across every last option in the 7" round LED market, these should catch your attention. While it's true there's only so many ways you can package a set of low and high beam LED-based optics into a 7" round platform; Morimoto's Sealed7 2.0 pulls it off in the most functional and attractive setup we've seen to date.


Here at Covert, we've seen em all and believe that the Sealed7 2.0 is the best new entry in the 7" round market for a variety of reasons, which we'll outline below.


The Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 is all-new, all-original from the ground up. Until now, there were basically three distinct products on the market. You have the real-deal J.W. Speaker, at the top of the totem poll. Then you have the cheap J.W. Speaker knock-offs, re-branded by companies A,B, and C, and then you have the Truck-Lite reflector-based 7" lights...again, re-branded by company X,Y, and Z. These are unlike anything else on the market.


In low beam mode, Nichia NCSW170C Series LED's paired with Morimoto's advanced Kuria Optic projector lens array efficiently distributes roughly 3000 lumens on the road in a properly LHD-stepped beam pattern. Because the Sealed7 runs a "dual-burn" setup on high beam mode, the output is intensified to nearly 4000 mosquito-melting lumens there.

DRL / Switchback

The quad-optic setup has three functions: 1) High-intensity white daytime running light. 2) Low-intensity white daytime running light (with low beams on) and 3) High-intensity amber turn signal. The switchback setup on the turn signal will automatically interrupt the white DRL, flash, and then return to white once the signal stops. The 3-wire DRL/Signal input makes setup easy.


No expense was spared when designing the Sealed7. Start with the ingredients at the heart of the headlight from Nichia-Japan and Philips-Lumileds. These aren't cheap emitters to begin with. The UV coated Polycarbonate lens is shatter proof and will take years of abuse without fading. You can feel the precision in the heavy-duty die-cast housings that double as a heat-sink are no deeper than most traditional 7" PAR56 headlights. A special PWM LED driver resides inside of the headlight to keep the LED's running at their peak intensity, even during prolonged periods of use.

7" Standard

Designed to replace all 7" round / PAR56 headlights, the Sealed7 offers full low and high beam functionality. They come standard with H13/9008 male inputs, tailored for use on a newer Jeep Wrangler - but can easily use an H4 adapter to go old school.


 This kit includes:

  • HEADLIGHT: 1x Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 Bi-LED (Black)

  • WIRE TAPS: 3x 14-16ga. T-Taps (for DRL/Turn Signal)

  • WIRING: Delphi H13 Male Connector + DRL signal wires

  • WARRANTY: Five Years


  • JEEPS: 2007-2017 Wrangler (req. Anti-Flicker Harness)

  • OTHERS: All 7" Round / Par 56

  • WIRING: Delphi H13 Male standard. H4 Adapter Optional

Tech specs:



  • RATED LIFETIME: 10,000 Hours

  • HOUSING MATERIAL: Powdercoated Cast Aluminum

  • LENS MATERIAL: UV-Treated Polycarbonate

  • INPUT CONNECTOR: Delphi H13 + T-Taps for DRL

  • LOW / HIGH LED: 12x Nichia NCSW170C

  • DRL / TURN LED: 4x Philips Luxeon 3535L

  • LOW BEAM: 2,860 lumens / 27w

  • HIGH BEAM: 1,020 lumens / 12w

  • KELVIN RATING: 5000K (Pure White)

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