The Morimoto Standalone wiring harnesses are the perfect solution for a headlight upgrade on vehicles with finicky headlight systems. Say goodbye to "bulb out" warning lamps and flickering caused by "can-bus" systems.


Each canbus headlight harness has a built-in resistor pack to mimic the characteristics of a standard halogen bulb being plugged in to your stock harness, tricking the car into thinking nothing has changed.


The Morimoto Standalone wiring harness also features Japanese-made Rubycon 6800uF capacitors to help jump-start the ballasts and keep them running smoothly - using the power directly from the vehicle's factory headlight circuit.


Morimoto clearly developed specifically with the VW and Euro market in mind, these are known to work well on cars like the newer VW MK5 Golfs, Jettas, BMW E46, etc. The Standalone wiring harnesses DO NOT however work well on domestic cars/trucks like Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep. You guys need Morimoto's "Mopar Spec" Stuff!


With fewer connections to make compared to something like a full relay wire harness; even your mom could set this thing up it's that easy. Input here, output there...done.

Sold As a Pair.

The standalone canbus headlight harnesses come as a pair, one for each side of the car. They are meant to be used as a substitute for a full relay harness, not in addition to one.


 This kit includes

Tech specs

  • HARNESS: 2x Morimoto Standalone CanBus 2.0

  • INPUT ADAPTERS: 2x Selected Fitment

  • INPUT: 2 Pin (9006, H1, H7, H11 etc)

  • OUPUT: 9006 female (industry standard)

  • HIGH BEAM: 2-pin Molex Female (H4, 9007, H13 only)

  • SHELL MATERIAL: Die-Cast Aluminum

  • FINISH: Black Painted


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