Do it Like a Pro.

Professional retrofitter and want consistent results along the ranks of the best? About to become a dealer and want the right way to align your projectors? Is your Mom complaining that the unpainted wall in the garage looks like crap? Massive wall coverage to the rescue!

Motometer Marks.

There are three markings for where to place your fresh new Morimoto MotoMeter lux meter for consistent results. Jackpot.

Aiming Diagram.

At the bottom right, a helpful guide of how to aim headlights. Maximum consistency, no fidgeting trying to find instructions online.


These are approximately 8x16 feet dimensionally. There are 15 metal studs along the edges, and it's all printed on high quality outdoor-grade vinyl.

DISCLAIMER: Banner will arrive with creases from shipping.


 This kit includes

Tech specs

  • BANNER: 1x Morimoto Wall Aim Banner
  • MATERIAL: High Quality Outdoor Vinyl

  • LENGTH: 16 feet / 4.88m (192")

  • HEIGHT: 8 feet / 2.44m (96")

  • MOUNTS: 15x Metal Grommets

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