The fully-adjustable MTM PF22 Foam Cannon blends the perfect amount of high pressure water with air and car wash soap to spray thick soapy foam in a vertical or horizontal fan for quickest coverage. 

  • Foam entire vehicles in a single pass
  • Greatly reduce chances of swirling and scratching
  • Spray a wide vertical fan of gentle foaming suds
  • Mist a flat beam of perfect foaming bubbles
  • Gain complete control over foaming action

Innovative Nozzle For Ultimate Control

With a single turn, the chemical injection knob on top draws more or less soap solution through the internal chamber to blend a thicker or thinner foam. The PF22 features an adjustable spray pattern that can foam vertically or horizontally with the twist of the wrist. The PF22 also features a variable angle foam fan that, with a simple twist, sprays between a 0° focused jet to a gentle 50°. 

Protect Paint From Marring 

The PF22 adds extra lubrication where it needs to be: directly on paintwork, dirt, and debris. The thicker the foam, the better it sticks to dirt, breaks it down, and pulls it off the car before even being touched with a wash mitt. Slick soapy suds lubricate abrasive dirt and grime so the gritty particles don’t grind into paintwork and leave swirls and scratches.

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