The 7424XP polisher restores true gloss, shine, and reflection to swirled and scratched paintwork. This durable machine uses a gentle dual action polishing motion that is safe for anyone to use.

  • Finish any detailing task in less time
  • Switch out backing place and use 3 - 10" pads
  • Restore clarity to headlights
  • Avoid burning paint and causing irreversible damage
  • Polish headlights to restore clarity

Versatile Detailing Power

Cut away deep defects and scratches, then refine to perfect glossy shine and reflection with the 7424XP! Attach any 5.5’’ foam, microfiber, or wool pad to the included hook and loop backing plate to take on any polishing job. The small footprint of the 7424XP helps maneuver the machine around tight corners, under door mirrors, and around curves and contours to deliver consistent polishing power.

Built In Safety Features Protect Paint

The gentle orbital motion of the dual action 7424XP spreads the polishing heat and work out over a larger area than a rotary polisher. This dual action helps protect sensitive surfaces from excess heat, work, and damage caused by incorrect techniques. User error of pressing too hard or working on too small an edge causes the buffer head to stop spinning, protecting sensitive spots from damage.

Unlimited Uses In A Compact Design

Use a hard buffing pad to remove deep scratches, or a softer pad to restore pure gloss and shine. Spread the perfect coat of wax, glaze, or sealant with a finishing pad in minutes. Attach a scrubbing brush to clean carpets, floor mats, and cloth seats faster than ever before. You can even switch out the included 5’’ backing plate for smaller 3’’ or larger 6.5’’ - 10’’ buffing pads and accessories!

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