The Ball Buster is the soft foam cone that attaches to your favorite power drill to blast away dirt, tarnish, brake dust, and grease with just a squeeze of the trigger!

  • Transform your drill into a cleaning machine
  • Quit busting your balls when cleaning your wheels
  • Scrub away filth gently and effortlessly
  • Mount to any power drill
  • Clean wheels and hard to reach places faster


Harness the Power of Your Drill

The Ball Buster attaches to any drill and does all the heavy wheel cleaning and polishing for you! Simply open up the drill bit chuck on your power drill, drop the Ball Buster shank into the slot, then close it to turn the foam cone into a wheel cleaning power tool. The spinning shaft turns the soft foam cone to gently blast dirt, brake dust, and grease from any part of the wheel or rim.

Extra-Long Design for Deepest Clean

The long cone shape easily slips deep into wheel spokes, barrels, lug nut holes, and hubs for a deep cleaning with minimal effort. The extra-long reach wand features an insulation handle sleeve so you can grab ahold of the spinning brush and guide it to clean any intricate part with total precision and control. The extra -long extension wand reaches deep to clean any hard-to-reach car part.

Smart Design Delivers Spotless Clean

Special cut grooves wrap the soft cleaning foam around spokes and grooves to clean and polish internal wheel parts from all angles. The individual concentric grooves do a better job of going around edges and corners than a solid shape! Press the Ball Buster deep into wheels, rims, exhaust tips, roll bars, side steps, grilles, vents, engine bays, and any other tight car part that needs detailing.

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