The Extra Thick Wash Mitt is a soft and durable car wash mitt that gently removes stuck on dirt, grease, and grime from filthy cars with a fluffy scratch-resistant synthetic lambswool.

  • Lubricate and lift debris to prevent scratching
  • Trap dirt deep within the soft synthetic fur
  • Avoid rubbing abrasive particles back into paint
  • Effortlessly scrub dirt and grime off paintwork
  • Hold tons of suds and water

Super-Soft High Grade Synthetic Fur

Lambswool is loved because it holds tons of soapy water and traps dirt in the fluffy pile of fur before it can scratch the paintwork. But while natural lambswool mitts are very soft, they are also very expensive, fall apart, and require delicate cleaning and drying. The Extra Thick Wash Mitt is made with durable synthetic materials that last for years, and stay soft for scratch-free washing.

Sudsy Scratch-Free Wash for Enhanced Shine and Glow

The Extra Thick Wash Mitt traps abrasive debris deep in the fur, and prevents swirls and scratches that cheap wash sponges and wash mitts leave behind. The fluffy synthetic wool is ultra-soft, scratch-resistant, and machine-washable for easy maintenance. The massive plush mitt saves you from taking too many trips to the soap bucket by holding over five-times its weight in soap and water!

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