The Professional Grade Fire Hose Nozzle is a strong, powerful fire hose nozzle that features on/off control that easily blasts away dirt, grime, and mud for superior results.

  • Create intense water pressure with garden hose
  • Save water with the on/off feature
  • Remove stuck on debris with simple water pressure
  • Speed up your detail
  • Turn your hose into a water shooting machine

High Grade, High Pressure Nozzle

The Professional Grade Fire Hose Nozzle performs like a high pressure washer, shooting a powerful stream of water to speed up any wash for a deeper clean with effort. The professional rubber and stainless steel construction make it the leak-proof, extremely durable, functional, and versatile tool that every detailer needs! With adequate water pressure, this hose has a 40 foot range.

On/Off Button Gives You Ultimate Control

Leaving the garden hose running during a car wash can waste hundreds of gallons of water in just a few minutes. With the Professional nozzle, all users can save thousands of gallons of water every year by only using what they need, then turning off the flow when they’re done. The Professional Nozzle gets more cleaning done in less time with less water for superior eco-friendly results.

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