While everybody loves RGB Gear, not everybody is always on the same standard. Some manufactures use "RGB" pin connectors, and others use "JST" connectors. These adapters will help you get you gear working together!


These are available in a variety of different combinations. Please make sure to double check your setup and order the correct ones. Note that when referring to male/female - we are referring to the pins inside the connectors...NOT the plastic housing.


All adapters are wired according to the industry-standard GRGB order. While they should work with most accessories out there, we cannot guarantee it.

Plug n Play.

With these convenient adapters, there should be no need to cut/splice/re-pin any of the small wiring associated with your RGB products. They are designed to be plug n play with various RGB accessories, and virtually everything sold by LEDC.


 This kit includes

Tech specs

  • ADAPTER: 1x RGB or JST (as selected)
  • LENGTH: Varies (3-8 inches)

  • PIN OUT: GRGB (4 wire)

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