The Scrubbing Brush Attachment turns any dual action polisher into a carpet or upholstery scrubbing machine, agitating dirt and filth from deep within the fibers to reveal a whole new level of clean. 

  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Save hours scrubbing filth by hand
  • Harness the strong power of your polisher
  • Get results in mere minutes
  • Deliver consistent scrubbing action 

Harness The Power Of Your Polisher

Why spend hours feebly scrubbing set-in stains by hand? Slap the Scrubbing Brush onto your dual action polisher to quickly eradicate deep-set filth, dirt, and stains from carpets and upholstery! The Scrubbing Brush uses the twisting power of your DA to physically untangle, scrub, and agitate dirt and filth from deep within the fibers to reveal a level of clean that hand cleaning can’t touch. 

Tough, Durable Construction

The Scrubbing Brush is designed and built with durable materials for years of detailing use. The precision injection-molded plastic base shrinks around every bundle of nylon bristles for a secure bond that will never break or loose scrubbing power. Every hook and loop interface is secured to the durable plastic backing via a custom heat-cured adhesive for maximum grip under high pressure. 

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