Single Color Underglow LED Kit

Custom Appearance.

Add a custom look to your vehicle with our Single-Color Underglow LED Kit! Available in Red, Blue, and Cool White, these LED Strips can be installed on any vehicle! 

Easy Installation.

The kit includes everything you need to easily install LED Strips underneath your vehicle.


         This kit includes


        Tech specs

        • Two (2) 50cm 30-5050 SMD Strips
        • Two (2) 200cm 120-5050 SMD Strips
        • Four (4) 5-meter extension wires
        • One (1) wiring harness
        • Two (2) quick-splices
        • One (1) LED toggle switch
        • Sixteen (16) zip-ties
        • 3M outdoor adhesive pads
        • Adds underglow to your vehicle in the color of your choice
        • Highly flexible, waterproof LED strips
        • Easy to install 
        • Operating Voltage: 9-16V
        • Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)
        • Intrusion Ratings: IP67 Weatherproof

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