The Super 7 Molded Urethane Backing Plate is extra-large, lightweight, low-mass, and flexible for superior backing up of soft 7 – 12 inch foam buffing and polishing pads.

  • Finish with crystal clear clarity every time
  • Minimize damage danger
  • Adapt to dramatic curves and contours
  • Help protect against uneven heat burns
  • Help ensure even working action

Hyper Flex Technology

Super 7 Rotary Backing Plates use Hyper Flex technology to follow every curve and contour of automobile panels. Traditional rotary polisher backing plates are too stiff to follow any curves or complex car shapes. Polishing a curve with a stiff backing plate puts too much pressure on the edges of the pad and creates extra friction that burns paint with holograms, buffer trails, or worse.

Not Your Father's Wool Pad

Super 7 Backing Plates help the buffing pad fill in every bit of curve and contour, spreading every bit of polishing force evenly. Fewer pressure points and hot spots means even working action and paint removal across the entire area of the buffing pad. Even paint removal means even gloss, even shine, and superior polishing results over every automobile panel, curve, and complex shape.

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